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“Disabled People and Brexit” is a Wales-wide community consultation on the effects of Brexit on Disabled People’s organisations and our members. We travelled across the country to ask disabled people about their thoughts, fears and future hopes for the post-brexit landscape, and gathered resources and expert advice to answer those concerns. Navigate this site to find lectures, accessible video explainers, and links to organisations who can help with your specific query.


We invited civil society experts to share their insight with our membership around Wales, and have captured the events so that it could be accessed later. Join our youtube channel to find out how to be ready for what lies ahead.


We’ve collated all of the latest information from government and NGOs, and created a series of accessible videos including BSL translations, so that all of our members can be kept up-to-date.


We’ve gathered links to the main organisations dealing with Brexit policy, analysis, and support. Follow the links under the video pages and connect with someone who can deal with your query with confidence.

direct advice

We’re ready to deal with any Brexit-related query or able to redirect you to our most suitable partner, so that your concerns can be dealt with in a fast and satisfactory manner. Just reach out to us by email, message, tweet, or give us a call.


The first phase of our community consultation saw us welcoming a number of expert speakers from civil society organisations, as well as representatives of Welsh government and all main Welsh political parties to a series of events across wales. We recorded the events and made the lectures available online and on social media with the #brexitwhatnext hashtag.

OUR project team

We were joined in this project by the Wales Civil Society forum on Brexit, based at the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University.  The project team profiles are listed below:

Rhian Davies, CEO, Disability Wales
Rhian Davies

CEO, Disability Wales

Charles Whitmore

Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit

Miranda Evans

Policy and Programmes Manager - DW

miles travelled

the main findings

Here are the main topics we encountered when discussing all things Brexit with our members around Wales. Our resources reflect the themes gathered, and aim to ease or address many of the concerns we have listened to during our outreach.


Members have worried about a potential increase in healthcare costs as a result of Brexit, or about a future lack of suitable medications once we leave the Single Market. We’ve answered those questions!


Many of our members have expressed concerns that the help given to them to maintain their right to independent living may come to a sudden halt after the transition period. Others are worried that, being a EU citizen, they may no longer qualify for benefits. We have looked into that issue, and have given you some answers.


What will happen to my family living in the EU? Is my pension safe if I return to the UK? Watch our clips to know more about these, and many more questions dealing with citizenship after Brexit.

human rights

As the EU has been the driving force behind many of the human rights achievements and progress we have made in the last few years, we are all looking with trepidation at what the legal landscape may look like once we leave all of the EU-based legal conventions protecting us. Our team invited some of the UK’s foremost human rights experts to break it down for us.


One of the biggest issues with leaving the EU is our withdrawal from one of Europe’s biggest economic assets, the Single Market. We have considered the most likely scenarios, and suggested ways in which our members can deal with the coming uncertainty.


Are you an EU citizen wanting to move to the UK? or a Brit currently living abroad in the EU? things are about to change, and there are some steps you must take to continue to live in the place you call home. We’ve put together some resources to help you do so.

Brexit Blog

Here you’ll find communication and thoughts from our team, invited guest writers, and a selection of posts taken from the main Brexit news. as they discuss its impact on disabled people.

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