Your EU Personal Assistant

Your EU Personal Assistant



For further information on the impact of Brexit on the NHS and Social Care workforce – see this report by The Wales Centre for Public Policy:


Apply to the EUSS here:


The associations that can help you are:

– Newfields law:

– Citizens Advice working in partnership with Ethnic Youth Support Team:

– Settled:

– Newport Mind:

– TGP Cymru / Travelling Ahead Advice and Advocacy Service:

– Rights of Women:

– Royal Association for Deaf People:


The UK and Irish government have been discussing future arrangements for cooperation within the Common Travel Area (CTA). Great progress has been made in these talks and both sides are confident that a final agreement is near.


Irish Citizens won’t have to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, as Ireland will have a different, ‘special’ status from the rest of EU countries in UK law, due to the CTA arrangements. More details here:


To find out more about the CTA, see the UK and Irish Government’s joint statement:


The UK Government has introduced a new “skills-based” immigration system which will come into force after the end of the transition period.


The way you hire from the EU is changing. From 1 January 2021, you will need to register as a licensed sponsor to hire eligible people from outside the UK.


Under the new rules, People whose earnings fall below £25,000 per year, will not be allowed entry to the UK, unless there a workforce shortage in a particular sector (i.e., nurses, whose average wages amount to roughly £20,500 pa).

Others earning below the £25k mark will be defined as ‘low-skilled’. For more details:


It’s worth noting that Welsh Government strongly opposes the “low-skilled” definition. For more information about the Welsh Government’s take on post-Brexit immigration, see the following: