Will funding for DPOs stop after Brexit?

Will funding for DPOs stop after Brexit?



For further information on the impact of Brexit on the NHS and Social Care workforce – see this report by The Wales Centre for Public Policy:



The Welsh Government and WCVA also commissioned research on the needs of charities in the context of Brexit. The full report is available here:



A lobbying toolkit for DPOs and Charities from The BCSA:



The Welsh Government has been working with organisations across Wales to develop a new regional investment policy that can commence when EU funds tail off. The “Framework for future regional investment in Wales: consultation” and policy document published on October 30th 2020, provides details on priority investment areas, along with the structures and partnerships that will support the delivery of future investment. The Framework contains mandatory themes of Equality, Sustainable Development and Welsh language. However, this is dependent on UK Government replacing EU funds in full via the SPF and respecting the WG’s autonomy to make decisions in this area.

You can find the framework here: