EU Citizens Healthcare

Will EU citizens still be able to access healthcare in the UK after Brexit?



See the Welsh Government’s Preparing Wales website which has further information for EU Citizens and around healthcare after Brexit:


Link to EUSS.Wales for support:


The associations that can help you are:

– Newfields law:

– Citizens Advice working in partnership with Ethnic Youth Support Team:

– Settled:

– Newport Mind:

– TGP Cymru / Travelling Ahead Advice and Advocacy Service:

– Rights of Women:

– Royal Association for Deaf People:


Apply to the EUSS here:


The UK and Irish government have been discussing future arrangements for healthcare cooperation within the Common Travel Area (CTA). Great progress has been made in these talks and both sides are confident that a final agreement is near. These arrangements will ensure that residents of the UK and Ireland will continue to be able to access necessary healthcare when visiting the other country and benefit from cooperation between UK and Irish healthcare providers, regardless of the outcome of negotiations with the EU.


To find out more about the CTA, see the UK and Irish Government’s joint statement:


Here you can find UK Government’s guidance for the CTA: